Al Mansour University College within the Webometics Classification

Jul 30th, 2019


Within the new version of the Spanish classification for the Universities websites (Webometrics), The site of Al-Mansour University College raised to the second place at the level of private colleges to be ranked at 38 among the classification of Iraqi universities, governmental and private among the 100 Iraqi universities entered the classification.

It is noteworthy that this classification represents the largest international classification of academic institutions of higher education since 2004 and since that time Al-Mansour University College among the few Iraqi Universities that entered this classification and seeks to progress in ranking at the national and international levels through the continuous development of its website, which is issued semi-annually and includes about 28000 enterprises Academic level in all countries of the world and depends on a number of factors in the assessment of sites for universities in an objective and scientific and free to provide reliable information on the performance of universities on the basis of academic presence on the Internet

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